Blues and Orange, Portrait of a Street Performer

I had a few minutes to spare before I headed home so I thought I might as well walk down to the river and see if there were any interesting characters to photograph, and found this guy. Perfect place to play with fire as you have a whole river to put yourself out if needed. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stick around to watch this pyromaniac eat fire but I love how this photo turned out. The contrast between the blue and orange really makes this image for me. Not to mention the glow from the fire that illuminates the ground looks very cool.

Just wanted to share this photo with you all. I should probably mention that this wasn't edited. The colors are natural and aren't boosted with instagram filters or anything like that. There really is nothing more satisfying than exposing a shot perfectly in camera.

-Daniel Levy

Street performer on the bank of Kamogawa River in Kyoto.