Who am I?


 I’m Daniel Levy.  My creative outlet is photography. My interesting blend of nationalities and cultures has helped in developing my photographic eye. I take photographs mainly as a way to express myself, but also to point out the beauty I see in the world. Before I get any deeper and philosophical, let’s just start with some of the basics.

I was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, and that’s where home is for me. When I am not in Japan, I am based in Melbourne.  Although my Mum is from Australia and my Dad is from New Zealand, I’m a true nihonjin at heart. I’m a very creative person, coming from an artistic family. I grew up being surrounded by creativity. My siblings are both musicians, but I ended up with a camera in my hands. I was given my first camera when I was 12, and ever since that first *click*, that's when I knew I wanted to be a photographer.

I’ve traveled to Mongolia, the Philippines, New Zealand and Okinawa with my camera, taking photos, mingling with people and exploring the world. I’ve always loved helping people and I hope that I can begin to help people through my lens. I dream of traveling to more countries and helping those in need, capturing images along the way.

Thanks for checking out my website. I hope you enjoy my work. Remember to keep on checking in to my blog for updates. I will also be giving updates on twitter for those who would like to follow me there. Get in touch with me and tell me how I can assist you with any photo sessions, or any event photography.  


Daniel Levy